These turtles are amazing. Watch this video first.

We wish this was the truth about turtles, but we know it isn’t.

Below is a picture of what is really happening to sea turtles. They are in danger, endangered, and some species are becoming extinct. Let’s take a dive into the ocean and see what is happening to our sea turtles and other sea creatures.

“You See the Difference. A Turtle Does Not” –


Infographic: Sea Turtles

What is a Gyre?

Threats from marine debris

Marine species dying from plastic trash

See How It Feels to Be an Ocean Animal Stuck in a Plastic Bag 

Ocean Crusaders

Ocean plastic pollution

BEST kit 2017

BEST Consumable Kit 2017


Make a table similar to the one below. You can use this table or create your own. You are going to be researching sea creatures that are harmed by man-made materials in the ocean. We want to see your research findings. Send your table, chart or graph to

We have only given you a few suggested titles in the table; you are free to add your own title headings. 

Type of sea creature

Location Material harming them “your research topic”

“your research topic”


Math and Science: Variables and Graphing

Let’s connect a little bit to math and science. Variables and graphing is a large weakness in middle and high school math and science. Students have a tough time understanding the difference between dependent and independent variables in an experiment. Take a minute to get familiar with the difference between these two types of variables.

Once you have made your table above we want you to make a graph representing your data.

Make sure you show the following:

  • Title
  • Labels on the x and y axis
  • List the dependent and independent variables

Community Connection:

View this website. Warning, it might be too upsetting for some people

Discuss as a group what you can do to help this huge problem.

It seems simple and most of us don’t live near the ocean, so what can we as a community do to help save these animals from this huge plastic garbage epidemic.

 BEST Connection:

Look at the BEST kit. Is there anything in the kit that can cause damage to marine life if not disposed of correctly?


Bloom’s Taxonomy: add, create, explore, evaluate, generate, include, identify, list, observe, reflect, review, subdivide, use, and write

Workforce Skills: critical thinking, materials evaluation, reading comprehension, science, writing