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Simulink Models with 3D Animation environment
for BEST Robotics 2013 Competition (Gatekeeper)

This package consists of 3 new Simulink model examples that contain 3D animation of the game field and 3 different robot configurations. Students can use these models to learn how to program their robot behavior using the VEX BEST Robotics Library blocks and then test/simulate them within the 3D environment. The 3 Simulink example models are:

  • Gatekeeprwith3D_1.slx
  • Gatekeeprwith3D_2.slx
  • Gatekeeprwith3D_3.slx

What can I do with this 3D environment?

Add your own Simulink program into one of 3 available Gatekeeper robot models and test it out against a simple simulated Gatekeeper playing field.

Interact with the virtual robot, simple objects and the game field using the slider and button controls in your program or using an actual Windows gamepad through USB connection to your computer. We recommend the Logitech F310, which is very close in design to the VEX joystick itself.

Change your view point on the field; switch between driver view, spotter view and other views you create.

How do I get the 3D example models?

BEFORE Sep 21, 2013:

These models will not be released to the Simulink Support for VEX library ver-1.5.1 until Sep 21, 2013. Since the models portray details about the 2013 Gatekeeper game itself, they cannot be made public until following the final BEST Kickoff.

Therefore, follow these instructions for downloading the models before Sep 21, 2013.

  1. Close any running MATLAB/Simulink software.
  2. Install the Simulink Support for VEX ver-1.5.0 (BEST) library through the normal installation procedures at
  3. Download the Gatekeeper 3D Simulink models file here
  4. Unzip the downloaded file and copy all files/folders to the following directory on your computer:
    C:/Program Files/BESTLib_SL/examples/
  5. Start MATLAB/Simulink 2013a
  6. The 3 new models will show up in the list of "examples" within the BEST Robotics menu.
AFTER Sep 21, 2013:

The Simulink Support for VEX ver-1.5.1 will already include these 3 example models. Simply download/install the ver-1.5.1 library from STEP 2 on the BEST Robotics Installer page